is born from the desire to widen our professional horizons to the world: I am Francesco Montagna, owner of Farmacia Itria and on behalf of my colleagues I welcome you on our website.

We have desired to recreate “online” the same comfortable environment you can find at Farmacia Itria, in order to give you the possibility to “feel” in a virtual environment, the same precision and professionalism that has always characterised our way of being pharmacists; on this website you will find the same wide range of products you can find at Farmacia Itria and it will be possible to buy them easily and receive them quickly, also seizing the sensational promotion that will animate our online sales.


Farmacia Itria is born almost fifty years ago from the obstinacy and initiative of Carmelina and Nino Montagna and nowadays it is continuing its mission with the same passion, always focusing on its customers’ needs, trying to find the best solutions for them. The determination of our team takes inspiration from the sports competitions, indissolubly linked to our DNA, and the search for victory is translated for us in our customers’ satisfaction.


Farmacia Itria wishes to be “the point of reference of your WELLBEING”… for sure your body’s wellbeing and above all the wellbeing as the gratification of your EGO: one of our qualities is that we have not only limited to the world of drugs: we are also very “sparkling” also in the field of skin care products and fashion accessories. Don’t you believe? Visit our website…


If you want to come and visit us, we are in Cisternino, a small and charming town of the south-eastern Apulian Murgia facing Valle D’Itria… the valley of trulli, where the smell of the country melts with the simple and ancient flavours of local art of cooking.